Mayer Consulting offers many years of legal and commercial experience - and you only have to pay for spent hours which means that you get a variable cost.

For companies without in-house legal department
If you are a smaller or bigger company with no internal legal function, but still prioritize that the legal basis of your company is solid and accurate we can offer to assist you in this when you want. This can be done once in a while or occasionally.

For companies with existing in-house legal department
If your company already has an internal legal function, but in some cases are fully overloaded and only occasionally needs extra help we offer to do this and you only get a variable cost.

Temporary legal assistance
If your company has a need for legal assistance for a limited period of time or a specific project or if you need an in-house lawyer placed at your premises for a certain period of time.

For newly established companies
If you are a newly established company busy focusing on all researh, development and commercial issues but at the same time wish to secure that all legal matters are being taken well care of then you can leave this to us.

Mayer Consulting offers amongst others the following services:

- Review and updating of your company's existing contracts
- Drafting of templates
- Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts
- Outsourcing of development, maintenance and manufacturing
- Review and assist in drafting corporate documents
- Conducting of shareholders' meetings and board of directors meetings
- Participate in board meetings
- HR related issues
- Stock options programmes
- Drafting and reviewing of documents related to capital injection