The mission of Mayer Consulting is to provide assistance as an in-house lawyer for companies without a need of a permanent in-house legal function.
We provide assistance to both smaller and bigger companies.

Mayer Consulting was established in April 2005 and is based upon more than 20 years of legal and commercial experince from the telecommunication sector, the financial sector and the venture capital sector.

Mayer Consulting is not a law firm. We only deal with those matters on which we have knowledge of. In all other cases we will guide you to a lawyer.

Experience from the telecommunication sector, the financiel sector and the venture capital sector

   - Tellabs Denmark A/S (telecommunication)
   - Danish Development Finance Corporation (venture capital)
   - Kjøbenhavns Handelsbank (finance)

Management and Board Experience

Manager of internal legal department and responsible for EMEA legal department

Used to be a member of the board of the following companies:

   - Fibcom India Pvt Limited - a joint venture between Tellabs, IFU and ITI
     (a governmental Indian entity)
   - Tellabs Communications India Ltd, subsidiary of Tellabs
     (software developement in India)
   - Compwood A/S
     (development of a machine to bend trees for furniture)
   - Dacompa A/S
     (Reuse of waste from recyckled paper)
   - EKS Esel Krabbe Systems A/S
     (PC to be used in supermarkets)
   - INFO:Partner A/S
     (software to the transportation sector)
   - UpFront Chromatography A/S
     (cleaning up proteins and enzymes with a chromatographic method)
   - Intelligent Handbook A/S
     (Electronic handbook)

International Experience

   - Studies in UK - King's College trainee with a solicitor and a barrister
   - Many years of experience from a multinational US based company
   - Many years experience in working with India including outsourcing of
      maintenance, development and manufacturing